Remove the Mental Barriers to Weight Loss Success

Allow the relaxing and deep reaching power of Shift Weight Mastery self-hypnosis and cognitive coaching audios target your problem areas and build confidence in yourself so that you can achieve your ideal weight and keep it off permanently.


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Achieving Mastery Over Portions

Connecting to Your True Appetite

Mastering Your Relationship to Sugar

Stop your sugar cravings

Powerful Relationship w/ Exercise

Increase your desire to Exercise

Bottoms Up, Weight Down

Desire to Drink Less


Shift Out of Mindless Eating

Shift Out of Stress

A soothing stress relieving hypnosis session

Just a Few Bites or None At All

Strengthen your relationship with sweets

Lights Out On Night Eating

Help break the night eating habit

Thin Thinking at Restaurants

Master the challenges of dining out

The Inner Coach

Strengthen your inner support system

Show Up For Yourself

Keep your health a priority

Traveling Towards Mastery

Staying on track while traveling

9 Skills of Permanent Weight Mastery

A foundation of the Shift Weight Mastery Process

Desire to Drink More Water

Hydration is important for health and weight mastery

Increase Desire for Vegetables

Elevate your desire for the smell and taste and texture of vegetables

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your hypnosis audio there is a 14-day refund guarantee. Simply contact sales@shiftweightmastery.com to arrange your refund.


Our most popular downloads in one low-cost bundle!

-Mindless Eating
Stress Free
Bottoms Up, Weight Down
Mastery Over Portions

$87.00 (Value $116)

Your All-in-One Resource Center to Bust Free From Compulsive Eating
You can break the subconscious habits, beliefs and triggers that lead to mindless and binge eating with powerful mindset tools of hypnosis and meditation and specialized coaching.


Tap into your subconscious to breakthrough old habits, limiting  beliefs, and expectations so you can prevent emotionally eating–the #1 key is prevention!!


Engage your powerful emotional masterful within and learn to comfort yourself from the INSIDE OUT!


Rita Black’s flagship 30-day hypnosis-based weight “release” program uses coaching and hypnosis with a powerful daily process to help you let go of not only weight but the mindset and habits that keep you gaining it back. Available here as a self-study process.

Need to stop smoking or love someone who does?? Join the thousands of people who have become long-term non-smokers with the help of this easy, low-cost one session online hypnosis smoking cessation program.

Clients say

About Rita Black

Rita Black is a leading hypnosis-based weight management expert. For the last two decades she has helped thousands of people achieve their health goals with her powerful, hypnosis-based programs. She is the creator of the hypnosis-based Shift Weight Mastery Process and Smokefree123 hypnosis-based smoking cessation process as well as the author of the best-seller From Fat to Thin Thinking:Unlock Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss.  


Most frequent questions and answers

Hypnosis is a relaxing, safe and very effective way to bring about changes in habits and beliefs that can make us feel stuck. We have both conscious and subconscious levels that our mind operates on. The conscious mind is where we think, act and make decisions. The subconscious mind controls our habits and beliefs.


 Even though we may want to make change consciously–our subconscious is defensive and doesn’t like change. That is why we keep doing things we know we shouldn’t be doing! In the relaxed mind state called “hypnosis” it is much easier to communicate with the subconscious mind directly. Old deep-rooted beliefs and habits can be rewired (shifted) into more healthy and productive ones. That is why it can be much easier to change long-term habits with hypnosis.



Hypnosis is very safe. You are always aware and in control in the state because your mind will only accept suggestions that are in line with your goals and values. You cannot be made to “do”anything against your will. It is a safe, comfortable and very enjoyable experience!

Cognitive coaching is Rita Black’s hybrid form of coaching that uses subconscious learning techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Training) to make a deeper impact when listened to in a conscious and awake state.



Hypnosis audios can create amazing changes in your life. Research shows that listening to hypnosis audios can be as effective as having an in-person session. Our Shift Weight Mastery sessions focus you on making changes in the areas of weight, self-confidence, stress, smoking cessation and overall self-improvement.


The great thing about Shift Weight Mastery hypnosis and cognitive coaching audios is that you can listen to them over and over again to deepen the impact that they have. Click here to discover our wide variety of weight mastery focused sessions.



Do you want to shift the habits and beliefs that keep you struggling with weight?


Shift Weight Mastery hypnosis audios can be incredibly effective at helping remove the subconscious barriers that have prevented you from releasing weight permanently. (We use the word “release” because losing weight implies you need to find it again and “release” allows you to let it go forever.)


Diets don’t work in the long run because they only focus you on external behaviors and don’t address the deeper weight-oriented beliefs and habits that keep us falling back into the same frustrating cycle again and again.

At Shift Weight Mastery we believe that long-term weight loss happens from the inside out. Our library of hypnosis audios are designed to help you focus on specific areas of weight management like portions, restaurant eating, self-sabotage, exercise, sugar management and much, much more.


Shift Weight Mastery hypnosis and  audios are the easy and powerful way to create more permanent changes in your relationship with food, exercise and yourself.

****If you are not satisfied with the quality of your hypnosis audio there is a 14-day refund guarantee. Simply contact sales@shiftweightmastery.com to arrange your refund.***