9 Skills of Permanent Weight Mastery: A foundation of the Shift Weight Mastery Process


There is a foundational skill set of long-term weight loss–it’s not about “being good” or attaining perfection. Your ideal weight is maintained by a skill set and mind set that you cultivate.

Gleaned from years of long-term research studies into the habits and behaviors of long term weight “masters–people who have taken weight off and kept it off–Rita Black developed what she calls The 9 Skills of Permanent Weight Mastery

A foundation of Rita Black’s Shift Weight Mastery Process, this coaching session takes you through the 9 Skills of Weight Mastery in detail. A cognitive session follows to reinforce the skills in the brain. A great resource and totally car friendly. 

“I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to this session over the years. I have released 33 pounds and kept it off by building the skills that Rita lays out here. Whenever I need a reboot I listen to refocus. She does this cognitive repetition of powerful statements at the end that help seal in what you learn but it can be listened to in the car. I drive a lot for work so it’s perfect. You could probably listen to it while exercising too.”    Karen Tyrone   Denver, CO

It’s always the right time for weight mastery…

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Extended Length:

Introduction to The 9 Skills Length: 8:32

The 9 Skills in Focus Length: 42:52

Cognitive Coaching SessionDeeply Reinforce the 9 Skills Length: 25:21

How long should I listen to this audio session set for?

Listen for at least 21 days

How will I get my audio session?  

Once you purchase your session you will receive an email with access to your sessions. Please allow up to 20 minutes for your email to arrive. Please also check your spam folder. Your purchase will also be added to your Shift Weight Mastery member’s area (if you are new to Shift Weight Mastery one will be created for you). Please save the url and your password so that you will always have access. Once you have your session it is recommended that you listen to the session for 21 days to get the desired effect.