Achieving Mastery Over Portions: Connecting to Your True Appetite


Are you in the habit of eating past the “enough” point? Do you reach for seconds or find yourself snacking even when you are feeling full?

In this Achieving Mastery Over Portions Rita Black’s hypnosis session engages your brain in readjusting its idea of what is “enough” food to smaller portions that are more in line with your body’s true energy needs. So that you can be content with less food and release weight without feeling deprived.

“I used to be a member of the clean your plate club but I am happy to say it’s been 3 weeks that every day I am stopping eating way before the portion is gone and I feel satisfied. I have lost about 6 pounds too which is great–but really I am just happy not to be finishing before everyone else and reaching for seconds anymore–that is amazing.” Dorothy West, Waco, TX

$19 (save more with purchase of multiples)



Hypnosis Session: Achieving Mastery Over Portions  

Length:  27:00

How long should I listen to this audio hypnosis session for?

Listen for at least 21 days

How will I get my audio session?

Once you purchase your session you will receive an email with access to your sessions. Please allow up to 20 minutes for your email to arrive. Please also check your spam folder. Your purchase will also be added to your Shift Weight Mastery member’s area (if you are new to Shift Weight Mastery one will be created for you). Please save the url and your password so that you will always have access. Once you have your session it is recommended that you listen to the session for 21 days to have the desired effect.