Mastering Your Relationship to Sugar: Stop your sugar cravings


Do you feel like sugary or refined foods have more control over you than you have over them? 

Research shows that these types of refined foods have an impact on the mind similar to drugs and it’s easy to feel hooked.

Rita Black’s Mastering Your Relationship to Sugar & other Refined Foods is a powerful hypnosis session designed to help diminish cravings around sugar and refined foods by helping you disconnect from your attachment to them so that you can get back in control and be in charge of your weight release.

“I am two weeks into being carb free and I feel fantastic. I really did feel like I was in a love–hate relationship with bread and cookies and now I have broken up with them for good. I love the aversion imagery in this hypnosis session–it really helped me sever the romantic bond I had with my trigger foods.”  Kimberly Jason,  Alton IL

Slay the inner carb dragon and start feeling great.

$19 (save more with purchase of multiples)



Master Sugar and Carbs Hypnosis Session  

Length:  29:02

How long should I listen to this audio session for?

Listen for at least 21 days

How will I get my audio session?  

Once you purchase your session you will receive an email with access to your sessions. Please allow up to 20 minutes for your email to arrive. Please also check your spam folder. Your purchase will also be added to your Shift Weight Mastery member’s area (if you are new to Shift Weight Mastery one will be created for you). Please save the url and your password so that you will always have access. Once you have your session it is recommended that you listen to the session for 21 days to have the desired effect.