Thin Thinking at Restaurants: Meet the challenges of dining out


Research shows that we consume a minimum of 250 calories more than we normally do while dining out. Eating out poses many different challenges when we are trying to release weight–from the tempting menu, to social pressure, to the enormous portions, drinks and dessert temptations. Yikes! 

Fortunately, there is Thin Thinking in Restaurants–your secret weapon to winning at the eating out game while continuing to lose weight. 

Rita Black has designed a Pre-Eating Out Coaching session to listen to in the car or before you go–that gets your mind primed to make healthy choices and stay on track. Also her hypnosis session is a great way to break old habits that took you off track and at the same time wire new healthy slimming habits.

“Definitely a help! Car coaching session is key and I make my husband listen too as we drive to the restaurant! We have been sharing meals and being more conscious. Seeing the pounds coming off me and him–thanks!”  Yolanda  Bradbury, Lincoln, NE

Order Thin Thinking in Restaurants before you order anything off the menu!

$27 (save more with purchase of multiples)



Slim Dining Out Hypnosis Session– Length:  23:46 

Pre-Dining Out Coaching Session (can be listened to in car)— Length:  7:49

How long should I listen to this audio session set for?

Listen for at least 21 days

How will I get my audio session?  

Once you purchase your session you will receive an email with access to your sessions. Please allow up to 20 minutes for your email to arrive. Please also check your spam folder. Your purchase will also be added to your Shift Weight Mastery member’s area (if you are new to Shift Weight Mastery one will be created for you). Please save the url and your password so that you will always have access. Once you have your session it is recommended that you listen to the session for 21 days to have the desired effect.