Traveling Towards Mastery: Staying on track while traveling


How many times have you been on track, releasing weight, doing great… and then you went away and all that diet resolve took off in the opposite direction of where you went and you gained back the weight and then some?

That’s right, most people claim that travel is one of the trickiest times to stay on track

If your vacations and holidays are eating challenges, adding extra stress to your resolve to be thin, Traveling Towards Mastery will help you stay on course. 

Rita Black’s coaching session is a quick course in strategies to keep releasing weight while traveling for business or vacation. The accompanying hypnosis session will reinforce your intention to stay on course while you are away from home. 

Start listening to these sessions before you leave home to get your mind ready for the challenges of traveling, whether for vacation or business. Also take it with you to bring you back to your powerful ideal weight vision no matter where you are.

I bought this to help with business travel–the coaching is full of useful ideas and I listen to the hypnosis before I go away–and also at the hotel at night. Helps a lot. Will be using this for my family reunion this coming autumn to prep for that as well.”  David Noggins Seattle, WA

Pack it up today…

$24 (save more with purchase of multiples)



Travel Strategies Cognitive Coaching— Length: 28:40

Travel Success Hypnosis Session— Length: 23:25

How long should I listen to this audio session set for?

Listen for at least 21 days

How will I get my audio session?  

Once you purchase your session you will receive an email with access to your sessions. Please allow up to 20 minutes for your email to arrive. Please also check your spam folder. Your purchase will also be added to your Shift Weight Mastery member’s area (if you are new to Shift Weight Mastery one will be created for you). Please save the url and your password so that you will always have access. Once you have your session it is recommended that you listen to the session for 21 days to get the desired effect.